Salesforce provides various options to create an app with a Lighting App builder in less than 10 mins. The Salesforce App comes up with a great ability to interact with multiple different services of salesforce like Salesforce Einstein. In this article, I will walk you through, how you can integrate the Salesforce Einstine component to Salesforce App. Please consider reading this blog to create a custom Image classification using Salesforce Einstein.

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We want to build the salesforce lighting application for tracking down the car repairing service. …

In a commercial setting, the tasks to be delivered always comes to be completed in a short deadline. One of our clients has a very good reputation in the insurance sector. They always come with very creative ideas to help their client base and local repair store. In this new engagement, they had come with a new and unique requirement where they wanted to automatically tags uploaded images into a car and bike. Moreover, they also wanted to automatically locate dent in images to process with insurance. Although this looks like a very useful and interesting application, implementing and completing…

Khadke Chetan

Data Science Enthusiast currently working in NLP.

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